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ORDER IN THE COURT. YOU WILL HAVE ORDER IN THIS COURTROOM. IF EVERYONE DOES NOT SETTLE DOWN YOU WILL CLEAR OUT THIS COURTROOM, YOU SWEAR TO GOD. sort of a speed animation? like a speed paint, but for a dorky loop, to try and get the reins of brushes in some new software.

Paradox Clone High

EXPRESSING YOURSELF!!!! Also, the Paradox Clone High theme song:

Fainting Goat

homestuck spoilers: gamzee is a fainting goat

Jade vs. Jack

[swfobj src=”” align=”center”] Where are Jack’s wings? they were in the way so i didn’t draw them. also, effort. Where is his sword? i dunno he dropped it or something shut up Holy shit is that really your ridiculous dog training voice? yes i find pitches only dogs can even hear are very effective also… Read more »

Gamzee: Fondly Regard Rainbows

[swfobj src=”” width=”853px” height=”480px” align=”center”] Fan-animation for Original Double Rainbow Song: Download this video for iPod: FAQ – Where’s Equius/Feferi/Eridan? Equius I just didn’t have space for, he was the newest troll. The latter two weren’t even introduced when this was made. – Why aren’t his tears colored? The update where we… Read more »

Alternia Connection

[swfobj src=”” width=”650px” height=”480px” align=”center”] Rainbow connection is kind of super creepy in the context of Horrorterrors. Audio by Tynic.

Jack: yaaaaaaayyyyy

jack doing a kermit flail…. idk why… i did this… but it’s really terrifying up close. look at these friggin frames: NIGHTMARES.GIF…….