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voldemort you didnt think this through

not only is this joke kinda like a very potter musical, i was just drawing it because my best friend’s brother told me to still it was too good a mental image to resist I was gonna color it all the way but then WELP.

lego lotr: the death of boromir

playing Lego LotR recently sort of alters the mood of this bit I never posted this?????

family resemblance

stellan skarsgard and orlando bloom never looked very similar to me but then again it IS just jack that says it and we all know how he is with recognizing people

now we have to walk back

Even though the franchise is known more for its solitude, I feel weird playing Myst games alone because they’ve always been something I did with my brother. We ran through Exile in the last few weeks, and I noticed it was kind of interesting that the Ages in that one were specifically designed with two… Read more »

WA Winters

I can’t say I blame him, I certainly didn’t want to go out in this weather. Yard was all kinds of flooded.

Minecraft Mom

my mother is a fucking minecraft prodigy since this was drawn, she has found not just this one, but TWO jungle temples, a double zombie dungeon, shitloads of emeralds and diamonds, like three records, a desert village, just… ludicrous amounts of stuff. And this game is her first time using first-person WASD and mouse controls…. Read more »