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Avengers Shipping (Mild Spoilers)

I smushed all of these doodles into one post, most of em aren’t good enough for their own I don’t think. Anyways. tony and bruce should hug and talk science a lot and relate too much please and thank you. IT WAS VERY ALARMING!!! SHUT UP!!! since this was fresh in my mind while texting… Read more »

Hourlies 2012

mix and match 24 times in a row and you have my hourly comics for not only this day, but all week and basically all winter!! yeah i do seasonal comics top that suckers B)

for shaaaaaame

dammit guys no i wasn’t going to draw you yet stop giving me IDEAS GC: W3LL 1F 1T 1SN’T MY OLD FR13ND: GC: UND3R4G3 DR1NK1NG GC: HOW 4R3 YOU UND3R4G3 DR1NK1NG? GC: B3S1D3S 1LL3G4L!! TG: UNDeragE DRINKING? TG: shame on all of u! TG: shaaaaaaaame i am pretty incredibly suspicious of the alcohol in general,… Read more »

The Sufferer & The Disciple

cue musical swell as that human emotion named admiration bursts forth into his heart


More like in tentacles now huh! Ha ha ha ha his life is really friggin sad and this was made way before the ancestor updates this is still my favorite Eddie Izzard joke though and i am sticking by it