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Braig what were you expecting

Have I mentioned I love Braig? Because I love Braig. Top picture is him shortly after signing up with the Guard (OFF TO A GOOD START), and then all ~battle-damaged~. what did happen to your mom, even? do they have parents…? i guess they must, ienzo is the only one mentioned to be an orphan


Backstory: for a while on the MSPAF, there was a rash of people drawing the girl trolls or genderbends of the male trolls and writing “SIX SOLAR SWEEPS” and “THEY’RE THIRTEEN” on them. So I thought drawing this would be funny? Also there was somebody who expressed horror when they ponder if perhaps trolls had… Read more »

huh KK

holy outdated fanart batman. small homestuck babies: once upon a  time we didn’t know blood colors but we drew fanart anyways and that’s how this happened This was an old romart thread request! Copypasted: “Oh they will. Right as Sollux lies dying in Karkat’s arms. Sollux will laugh “Least this hasn’t been for nothing. Now… Read more »



Midnight Crew

babby’s first homestuck fanart…