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The Amulet of Samarkand

i hope you are enjoying the bartimaeus art because it’s all i want to do right now

John Mandrake

  The gangly effect was heightened by his choice of clothes: a swanky suit, so tight it looked as if it had been painted on, a ridiculous long black coat, dagger-sharp shoes, and a flouncy handkerchief the size of a small tent hanging from his breast pocket. You could tell he thought he looked terribly… Read more »


just trying to figure out how to draw him

two phobos doodles

i’ve been wanting to do a lot of low stakes art this month and this is basically what happens when i’m in that mood

An Aradia

sometimes i have nothing to say under the stuff i post this is one of those times

Porrim Maryams

(incoming copypasted tumblr description:) some porrims, cause I’m trying to decide if I want all my ancestors to share a body type with their descendants or switch it up… so here’s Kanaya-type Porrim and bottom heavy Aradia-type Porrim. Also for some reason my most established headcanons are always about fuckin shoes and I really like… Read more »