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lego lotr: the death of boromir

playing Lego LotR recently sort of alters the mood of this bit I never posted this?????

lego lotr: Moria

Been going through my big folder of .tif scans, since I sort them by year. found this on the corner of a LotR page. then posted it to tumblr. then fell out of posting things to my website WHOOPS. this was when my brother was playing Lego LotR with me and we got to the… Read more »

gift art: az

for mediarama as a thanks for a cute doodle of phobos :D


what if saïx’s scar is self-inflicted?? like some kind of fucked up loyalty-proving thing, marking himself with the recusant’s sigil… at first I thought maybe to get a spot in the xehanorted club, but that was quickly disproven in a reblog- 358/2 Days has a lot of evidence that he didn’t know what was going… Read more »

old friends

i did a lot of doodling while getting synthesis stuff

hans – frozen

yeah there was kind of no way i could get away with not drawing him given the history of my taste in character design