5th Grade Horse Girl Bro

i wasn’t gonna draw reset mom or bro until they appeared on panel

but i wanted to snap up 5th Grade Horse Girl Bro while i could ok

5th Grade Horse Girl syndrome is probably not exclusive to girls, it is named for the specific nature of the condition as it spread throughout my school. It preys on children 9-12 (generally beginning in 4th or 5th grade, in American school terms, usually ends by the time they leave 6th.) Once it has set in, they are compelled to devour short fiction books about horses at an alarming rate. These horses may often be wounded, and have covers where they seem to plead with you, their deep and soulful eyes going “Don’t you wish you, too, could be a plucky veterinarian who solves mysteries?” The afflicted will very commonly own quite a few horse-themed necklaces, that came free with the purchase of the book, often hanging on the cover. They will carry sketchbooks or notebooks, filled with writing about their potential pony pals, or drawings of those same pleading eyes: “Would you not like to be one of us? Do you not wish to romp in the open fields, free of your previous owners who did not understand you? Don’t you want to have… our special connection…?”

Sometimes what is mistakenly thought of as 5th Grade Horse Girl syndrome is just somebody who is really into horses. Who maybe lives on a farm or does 4H or something. The ultimate sign of it is the interest in horses and the extreme desire to become a spunky veterinarian fading as quickly as it began.

They might be a weeaboo now, you don’t know, you didn’t really keep in touch.

(yes his line is a community reference)