Kanaya and Jane

After an anon pointed out that Kanaya’s silhouette in the lineup was misleading compared to my headcanon rambling below, I drew this to quell any concerns about her weight. She is definitely supposed to be overweight and curvy! Girl is stacked. Jane is less so. Kanaya is into fashion and knows how to get a smooth line (when she wants it) with shaping garments, and Jane would rather direct her efforts elsewhere and only is into clothes for comfort. Jane also has more muscle in her arms than Kanaya- Dad raises STRONG kids! They’re both supposed to be cute and pretty.

They’re the two heaviest out of my personal designs and are probably at a pretty similar weight. Third up is John, fourth is Jade at 13, replaced by Eridan when she grows out of it. Also Kanaya should probably be taller than Jane, but I haven’t messed around enough to find a height I like for Jane yet and wasn’t thinking much about it when I drew this.