Egbert-Harley Faces

Decided to draw a face comparison now that we have 4 kids in the one gene pool, and really nail down their designs. I guess these are my headcanons for them….? I’m not particularly invested in the idea of how they look, this is pretty much just how I choose to draw em, for decent facial variety!


  • The whole group is meant to be pretty circular, but John is the one that takes it to Disney levels. Round cheeks, chin, eyes, ears.
  • Not that his ears/nose aren’t big as hell
  • Or the eyes for that matter. Big round eyes for all of ‘em, with dark, thick lashes.
  • Their eyes are also pretty myopic though so that kind of sucks. I left their glasses off here so as not to obscure their features. They probably all have similar prescriptions, don’t know if any of them have any astigmatism.
  • John will get a bounty of facial hair, one day, but I imagine he’d find shaving as something all gentlemanly like his dad, and keep his face smooth! (Dave will have decent ‘burns, but everything turns more terrible the closer it gets to his lip. He will say ironic mustaches are overplayed anyways…)


  • Jade’s shape theme is more of an oval than a circle (for the record, Rose’s is a triangle, and Dave’s is a square)
  • So her face, and her grandfather’s, are longer.
  • She and Jane share slightly less giant ears, unlike their male counterparts.
  • All four of them have dark eyebrows too, but not particularly thick ones.
  • Jade’s got some tummy, but will grow out of it into a leaner type like Jake, John and Jane will stay kinda pudgy forever. It is cute as all get out.
  • Her chin is more shallow than John’s.


  • Jake gets stuck with my nose. (Haha sucks to be you) So while he & Jade may not seem like they have the Egbert-Harley Huge Schnoz at first glance, their profile displays what giant honkers they’ve got.
  • Jake currently has to deal with a shitty little teenstache, but in a year or so his Magnificent ‘Tache will sprout forth and he will refuse to shave it upon pain of death.
  • Jake and John also share a pretty prominent chin! John’s is a bit more round, but Jake’s sticks out more.


  • All of em have giant toothy smiles. Karkat fucking hates it. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE DECENT FANGS UGH
  • Jane has the thickest lashes of all of them.
  • Jane shares the more shallow chin-type with Jade.
  • She is also the most heavyset (she makes… a lot of cake….) but she also has the strongest arms (mixers are for wimps spoon 4 lyfe.) Jake may talk a good game about scrums and whatnot, but Jane outmatches him pretty well in pure strength.

and then all of them were really cute all the time THE END