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Hey there, thanks for visiting my dorky 90% fanart site. I go by myluckyseven, as you probably guessed. I’m 23,  I’m on the art team for MS Paint Adventures, and I live in western Washington with a really cute dog.

I studied animation at VanArts in Vancouver BC, and I’m currently freelancing now and then as a traditional animator- I’m hoping to get a proper studio job eventually.

I use Photoshop CS5 and an Intuos 4 for a good bulk of my artwork, and Flash CS5 for a lot of animation, but lately I’ve been branching out into Photoshop’s video capabilities, and TVPaint. Anything traditional was probably done with Uni-Ball blue mechanical pencil lead, and regular old Whatever Was At the Store black lead. Most of my textures come from the wonderful site, Lost & Taken.

My email and commission prices for professional work are located at my portfolio, linked below.





portfolio, where i draw professional stuff.

tumblr, my primary art blog these days. No need to follow it if you’re subscribed here, but feel free to drop a question or request in my ask box.

livejournal, sometimes I sill post art here, but mostly it’s for chatter I want to keep off my tumblr.

deviantart, where i update like every 6 months.

youtube, where it’s even rarer, but you can find most of my animation.

delicious, where i keep a huge list of resources and tutorials

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