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An Aradia

sometimes i have nothing to say under the stuff i post this is one of those times

Ship Day: Aradia/Jade

This one doesn’t come off overtly shippy, but it was a very specific request for this scene, right on down to the outfits. guys don’t run he only wants to talk to you about cool things

dead eyes

an aradia and my adoration for the lens blur filter

4/13 memes

a mishap with kanaya’s wardr0bifier? 0r just an attempt at d0ing all the 413 memes i c0uld find? y0u decide!! 0_0 there’s “draw yourself in your patron’s troll’s outfit,” “draw your patron troll in YOUR outfit,” “draw equius in a dress…”  and actually i dont think “draw your trollself” is a meme today but i… Read more »

Troll Faces

Lots and lots of faces. Pointy ears sort of come and go, but I was feelin em here so I went with it. Also I finally found a seadweller fin design I like!! Yes!!!! I went into doing redesigns with the knowledge of ectobiology in my head. I knew the trolls would all be immediately… Read more »

Dreambubble Reunion

“aw babe no one’s supposed to beat the shit out of you but me” Ship Day request!