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Scorpio Psiioniic

fandom secret i love sock also sock’s adventure also also sock’s headcanons even if they bring sollux up to three out of three on the Injuries That Viscerally Terrify Me list (teeth, eyes, hands)

your dear old ex-con god-dad

so harry wanted a thing drawn and i think goblet of sick fires is really amusing so i said i’d draw it but then it got sad oh noooooo :(

the worst moirails: a horrible shipping-only AU

i’m sorry world, i am a slave to the crossover gods. i was just watching on stranger tides and then suddenly this 95% shipping chart AU thing was everywhere i don’t know what happened. BASICALLY JACK AND GIBBS WOULD HAVE THE BEST, MOST HORRIBLY DYSFUNCTIONAL PALE RELATIONSHIP jack never listens to anyone’s shooshes about anything… Read more »

Professor Scratch

I know in Goblet of Sick Fires Professor Scratch is a human but what if he was just a cueball head with a dumbledore beard taped to it how good would that be

aw, poppet

wwhat a dick it took like, all of my effort and conscious knowledge that the joke worked better in the pose it’s in because i was horrifically tempted to give pteranodad a skybax harness like in the dinotopia books i’m sorry everything in this site is coated in like 5 layers of references i can’t… Read more »


Xigbar definitely made god tier first though and proceeded to annoy the everloving fuck out of everyone especially when making overwrought speeches (i don’t know what his title is probably like…. marksman of space… or…. something better than that)