Tag: Bartimaeus (Series)


i can’t resist a nice anon request for bartimaeus & ptolemy doodles either

Older Nathaniel

Dunno how accurate this is- I went by memory, I haven’t gotten the chance to annotate Ptolemy’s Gate yet. But this is supposed to be Nathaniel around that era.

The Golem

I did a picture of the golem from Bartimaeus aaaaages ago (like maybe 2005 or 2006 ages ago,) it was neat to try my hand at it again.

Ship Day: Bartimaeus♦Ptolemy

the requester on this one didn’t specify type of relationship so YOU GET MOIRAILS CAUSE THAT’S MY FAVORITE

Henry Duvall

A bunch of attempts at finding a face for Duvall. I had never noticed that the Night Police uniform is described as having a ruffed shirt that’s frickin hilarious


A poke at a gargoyle-style Bartimaeus. Complete with water spout to be a proper gargoyle.