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“You still need me? You still need me to do something, right?”

lazy tumblr copypaste: after rewatching birth by sleep clips I’m thinking Braig didn’t join Xehanort’s plan very willingly… “I’m just lucky he didn’t steal my heart like Princess Whatever-it-was. That would’ve ruined my week for sure.” #rn I’m mostly thinking master xehanort promised him some kind of power in exchange for his help #maybe even… Read more »

what’s your problem

why are you all pissy i hope this looks right because my reference folder is on my home computer

KH3D Doodles (Mild Spoilers)

here’s some stuff I drew for my personal blog as I played through the last Kingdom Hearts game! my favorite douchebag…. he’s just such a funny dick pictured: my hands after trying and failing horrifically to beat Riku’s endgame hahahaha oh god. copypasted from tumblr: mawiles: wraithlike: attention: tumblr user mawiles has solved kingdom hearts…. Read more »

xehanort, dude

we have gotta get you outta that lab.

Braig Doodles

braig what are you doing here, you are not a homestuck

Braig what were you expecting

Have I mentioned I love Braig? Because I love Braig. Top picture is him shortly after signing up with the Guard (OFF TO A GOOD START), and then all ~battle-damaged~. what did happen to your mom, even? do they have parents…? i guess they must, ienzo is the only one mentioned to be an orphan