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self portrait for a tumblr meme- “I know it’s in here somewhere ugh just give me a minute” shitty kid who dabbles in a bit of everything but they aren’t especially great at anything in particular. only now i’m magic.

scan scraps: migraine

pictured: like 50% of my self portrait doodles from 2010 to 2014

everything happens so much

  i moved over 800 miles and then spent a ton of time juggling cable companies and learning how to drive in california but also i started my first Big Kid Job and i have internet again and the driving is going better than i expected so that’s good it’s uh, it’s been a few… Read more »

Happy ValentEYEnes

I used to not be interested in Valentine’s until I realized it is the holiday of horrible jokes. And while things like hearts and flowers and pink and romance may not particularly appeal to me, PUNS DO. I’m gonna spend the day getting lasers shot into my eyeballs, though, so I had to whip this… Read more »

super dorky junk

and then i just drew a bunch of my troll self??? idk i found my file with the few details i wrote out and i have too many teeth for my mouth and bit my cheeks and tongue a lot and there’s my irl moirail and my irl dark as shit eye bags and my… Read more »

sketchavember complete

dorky gif I did to celebrate a successful sketchavember on Tumblr!

Minecraft Mom

my mother is a fucking minecraft prodigy since this was drawn, she has found not just this one, but TWO jungle temples, a double zombie dungeon, shitloads of emeralds and diamonds, like three records, a desert village, just… ludicrous amounts of stuff. And this game is her first time using first-person WASD and mouse controls…. Read more »