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Style Meme

Did a tumblr meme where people give you series and you draw yourself like you were in them. Does Animal Crossing have fennecs?? idk, but I like fennec foxes. Sailor Moon! featuring my current favorite color scheme Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which Google Images tells me is about crosshatching. Flapjack. I look terrified because this cartoon… Read more »

ravenclaw tower is cold

I got sorted into ravenclaw on pottermore… I imagine if I really went to Hogwarts though, I would be miserable over how cold it’d be.

oldbie homestucks

Some doodles from a tumblr conversation about Ye Olde Homestuck Fandom Dayes. Back when we didn’t know what was in that box Jack had, when I drew more Midnight Crew (barely), and waaaay back when I was really scared of the imps’ eyes (before we saw them.) i’m ancient in homestuck years it was simpler… Read more »

what hello

a picture of the seven in its natural habitat: fingers and mouth full of writing implements, covered in plaid, and somewhat confused note how it looks exhausted despite probably sleeping in way more than it should. i’m not normally that bugeyed though i just think its funny to draw.


Dang, fell behind in updating my main site. When Pottermore opened up this last month, I finally got to join with the best username (BatQuest8435!!) and the best house (i assert our inalienable right to party) It’s a cute site! Reminds me of the old Chamber of Secrets official site where you got sorted and… Read more »

4/13 memes

a mishap with kanaya’s wardr0bifier? 0r just an attempt at d0ing all the 413 memes i c0uld find? y0u decide!! 0_0 there’s “draw yourself in your patron’s troll’s outfit,” “draw your patron troll in YOUR outfit,” “draw equius in a dress…”  and actually i dont think “draw your trollself” is a meme today but i… Read more »