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Tumblr request hey do you think you could draw snape, dave, and dirk fistbumping look i don’t try to explain the suggestions i get, i just laugh and draw ‘em

Ship Day: Jade/Dave

snow smooches. dave is probably freezing his ass off.

Ship Day: Dave/Rose

Derse kids! I haven’t really decided what hair color I like best for Rose.

Derse Kid Doodles

I forgot how good it is to just fill a page with silly faces here’s the long-missing fix-up designs for the Derse kids. I think the body types on Roxy & Dirk could use some work but I think I’m getting there with all their faces? I finally made Rose look right. Drawing Dave without… Read more »

stridye job

I think it’d be cute if they had opposite text/hair colors..

dave no

I was digging though my archives for posts to put on my theme testing blog when I stumbled across this gem in my headcanons post for the Egbert/Harleys Dave will have decent ‘burns, but everything turns more terrible the closer it gets to his lip. He will say ironic mustaches are overplayed anyways… And then… Read more »