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Tumblr request hey do you think you could draw snape, dave, and dirk fistbumping look i don’t try to explain the suggestions i get, i just laugh and draw ‘em

Homestuck Doodles 1

A bunch of stuff from scanned scraps.

Ship Day: Dirk/Jake

i was going to write something like “hey there, pardner” in there but then I did not do that.

Derse Kid Doodles

I forgot how good it is to just fill a page with silly faces here’s the long-missing fix-up designs for the Derse kids. I think the body types on Roxy & Dirk could use some work but I think I’m getting there with all their faces? I finally made Rose look right. Drawing Dave without… Read more »

stridye job

I think it’d be cute if they had opposite text/hair colors..

5th Grade Horse Girl Bro

i wasn’t gonna draw reset mom or bro until they appeared on panel but i wanted to snap up 5th Grade Horse Girl Bro while i could ok 5th Grade Horse Girl syndrome is probably not exclusive to girls, it is named for the specific nature of the condition as it spread throughout my school…. Read more »