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Homestuck Doodles 1

A bunch of stuff from scanned scraps.

Excuse Me

This was a commission!! And a ridiculously fun one, at that.

Ship Day: Karkat/Feferi

Still chuggin along on these! Trying my hardest not to spend too much effort or time on them, just sort of get the idea across speedily. This one was inspired by their chat in the Karkat walkaround flash!

Ship Day: Feferi/Jade

CC: are you sure t)(is is how The )(uman Little Mermaid went? GG: yes definitely!!!

Face Comparison: CC

Trying to practice aging up/down faces, and putting some effort into giving the ancestors unique designs from the modern trolls. Meenah does share a lot of Feferi’s traits, they both have a million miles of hair ofc and Disney princess eyes, but I threw some of Karkat/Eridan’s nose in, and pushed her face shape closer… Read more »

Troll Faces

Lots and lots of faces. Pointy ears sort of come and go, but I was feelin em here so I went with it. Also I finally found a seadweller fin design I like!! Yes!!!! I went into doing redesigns with the knowledge of ectobiology in my head. I knew the trolls would all be immediately… Read more »

tumblr milestone

this was my 413th post on my tumblr