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voldemort you didnt think this through

not only is this joke kinda like a very potter musical, i was just drawing it because my best friend’s brother told me to still it was too good a mental image to resist I was gonna color it all the way but then WELP.


Tumblr request hey do you think you could draw snape, dave, and dirk fistbumping look i don’t try to explain the suggestions i get, i just laugh and draw ‘em

wizard people, dear reader

one night i had the sudden urge to draw wizard people. so i did. REALLY REALLY fast. he proofread my novel he liked it   he was the only one   he imagines that that manhorse would come in here, and take him away and maybe they could catch a movie, or make dinner, or… Read more »

ravenclaw tower is cold

I got sorted into ravenclaw on pottermore… I imagine if I really went to Hogwarts though, I would be miserable over how cold it’d be.


a necking session gone terribly wrong snape forgot…. HE’S DELICIOUS Snape pairing portmanteaus are the BEST THING. this is because words that start with “sn” are funnier than all other words. this is fact.


Dang, fell behind in updating my main site. When Pottermore opened up this last month, I finally got to join with the best username (BatQuest8435!!) and the best house (i assert our inalienable right to party) It’s a cute site! Reminds me of the old Chamber of Secrets official site where you got sorted and… Read more »

your dear old ex-con god-dad

so harry wanted a thing drawn and i think goblet of sick fires is really amusing so i said i’d draw it but then it got sad oh noooooo :(