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Homestuck Doodles 2

Karkat ink thing Unfinished Jack ink thing On a page of shipping stuff hahaha. “You fucken kids and yer makeouts.” I guess CD was hoping for a lil sugar. Karkat and Terezi’s hands More old shippy stuff I never scanned for who knows why. Also, Tavros! Human Droog all beat up

Human Carapaces

Some more humanized dudes out of nostalgia.

Jack on Break

NotASenator made a joke comment about needing “Jack sipping a latte and reading poetry” in an art team thread. And well. I cannot resist a silly challenge.


403 might have made more sense but it’s a bit esoteric (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) (GET IT BECAUSE THESE ARE HTML JOKES AND NO ONE IS GETTING THEM ANYWAYS)

Homestuck: Coda

this is how the scratch works right

Jade vs. Jack

[swfobj src=”http://myluckyseven.net/assets/jade_vs_jack.swf” align=”center”] Where are Jack’s wings? they were in the way so i didn’t draw them. also, effort. Where is his sword? i dunno he dropped it or something shut up Holy shit is that really your ridiculous dog training voice? yes i find pitches only dogs can even hear are very effective also… Read more »


Some old Jacks, one lookin grumpy, and the other kind of naked??? dude put some clothes on you’re not a carapace right now