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Ship Day: Aradia/Jade

This one doesn’t come off overtly shippy, but it was a very specific request for this scene, right on down to the outfits. guys don’t run he only wants to talk to you about cool things

Ship Day: Jade/Dave

snow smooches. dave is probably freezing his ass off.

Ship Day: Feferi/Jade

CC: are you sure t)(is is how The )(uman Little Mermaid went? GG: yes definitely!!!

John & Jade Doodles

Some John & Jade doodles to go with the Jake & Jane ones. I am as talented at drawing guns as I am at guitars.

Egbert-Harley Faces

Decided to draw a face comparison now that we have 4 kids in the one gene pool, and really nail down their designs. I guess these are my headcanons for them….? I’m not particularly invested in the idea of how they look, this is pretty much just how I choose to draw em, for decent… Read more »