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Jake Ages

An attempt at Jake at about 13, 16, and grandpa. 13 year old could be better! A bit pudgier and and he’s a bit too pale in all of them. Still, a decent doodle.

Homestuck Doodles 1

A bunch of stuff from scanned scraps.

Ship Day: Dirk/Jake

i was going to write something like “hey there, pardner” in there but then I did not do that.

Ship Day: Jake/Aranea

hello aranea!! i-i’ve got legs! do you like… bread??? i’ve got a french loaf! *whap* byyyyeeeeeee

ridiculous nerds

ridiculous nerds JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER GEEZ haha lucked out and finished this just in time for it to be topical Also: I don’t care what any future flash or detailed panel may say, you will pry Jake wearing horrible hiking shoes and only horrible hiking shoes from MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.