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ridiculous nerds

ridiculous nerds JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER GEEZ haha lucked out and finished this just in time for it to be topical Also: I don’t care what any future flash or detailed panel may say, you will pry Jake wearing horrible hiking shoes and only horrible hiking shoes from MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.

Kanaya and Jane

After an anon pointed out that Kanaya’s silhouette in the lineup was misleading compared to my headcanon rambling below, I drew this to quell any concerns about her weight. She is definitely supposed to be overweight and curvy! Girl is stacked. Jane is less so. Kanaya is into fashion and knows how to get a… Read more »

Cedar Things

Now Jane is truly in western Washington in the fall. Proper cedar trees have needles, but the Western Red cedar (a pretty common tree in these parts) doesn’t: it has weird scaly leaf needle things, and is called one anyways. Why? I don’t know, ask a botanist. Anyways, red cedars don’t lose all their weirdo… Read more »

Jake & Jane Doodles

A whole bunch of doodles to try to get used to drawing Jane and Jake! I’m sorry for making you try to read my handwriting.

Egbert-Harley Faces

Decided to draw a face comparison now that we have 4 kids in the one gene pool, and really nail down their designs. I guess these are my headcanons for them….? I’m not particularly invested in the idea of how they look, this is pretty much just how I choose to draw em, for decent… Read more »