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Some Old Egberts

I don’t draw John quite this way anymore, but I do like that hair.

oldbie homestucks

Some doodles from a tumblr conversation about Ye Olde Homestuck Fandom Dayes. Back when we didn’t know what was in that box Jack had, when I drew more Midnight Crew (barely), and waaaay back when I was really scared of the imps’ eyes (before we saw them.) i’m ancient in homestuck years it was simpler… Read more »

Ship Day: Terezi/John

doing rarepairs is so much fun. :D these guys would basically be constant laughter. they will drive everyone mad.

Ship Day: John/Rose

John may be the the best there is when it comes to pranking, but that does not mean one cannot at least attempt REVENGE!! Miss Lalonde will enjoy the prankster’s gambit on this exchange! Ship Day is when I take a bunch of relationship requests and draw as many as I can before I get… Read more »


Happy birthday to a big ol dork.

John & Jade Doodles

Some John & Jade doodles to go with the Jake & Jane ones. I am as talented at drawing guns as I am at guitars.

Egbert-Harley Faces

Decided to draw a face comparison now that we have 4 kids in the one gene pool, and really nail down their designs. I guess these are my headcanons for them….? I’m not particularly invested in the idea of how they look, this is pretty much just how I choose to draw em, for decent… Read more »