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Homestuck Doodles 2

Karkat ink thing Unfinished Jack ink thing On a page of shipping stuff hahaha. “You fucken kids and yer makeouts.” I guess CD was hoping for a lil sugar. Karkat and Terezi’s hands More old shippy stuff I never scanned for who knows why. Also, Tavros! Human Droog all beat up

Homestuck Doodles 1

A bunch of stuff from scanned scraps.

Ship Day: Sollux/Karkat

my favorite TA/CG is where they have kissed previously but were really shitty at every quadrant ever so now they don’t really do that so much and are just hatefriends but really awkward ones (i think i am not so good at this shipping thing)

Ship Day: Karkat/Feferi

Still chuggin along on these! Trying my hardest not to spend too much effort or time on them, just sort of get the idea across speedily. This one was inspired by their chat in the Karkat walkaround flash!

Ship Day: Nepeta/Karkat

“Ohhh, Nepeta, that mouse you left on my bed swayed my heart. I love you! I’ve always loved you! Your abs are just so firm?? Wow let’s fill pails” nepeta probably wouldn’t draw like a romance cover but I couldn’t resist ~*delicate karkat in ripped shirt and Strong Female Character pose*~