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Thief of Time

get it like the book hahahahaha god i’m a nerd

Prince of the Moon

in the end, everybody agreed Saïx was waaayyy too into the Derse sidequests

Bard of Drips

okay so like a zillion years ago harry drew some troll Org XIII and I fucking love the Org being terrible at everything they do and having Shenanigans so i drew two pages of fanart in my sketchbook like a horrid weenie and then a jillion years later i scanned it played brush roulette on… Read more »

xehanort, dude

we have gotta get you outta that lab.

Braig Doodles

braig what are you doing here, you are not a homestuck

Braig what were you expecting

Have I mentioned I love Braig? Because I love Braig. Top picture is him shortly after signing up with the Guard (OFF TO A GOOD START), and then all ~battle-damaged~. what did happen to your mom, even? do they have parents…? i guess they must, ienzo is the only one mentioned to be an orphan

Axel Sittin

he’s just chillin