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self portrait for a tumblr meme- “I know it’s in here somewhere ugh just give me a minute” shitty kid who dabbles in a bit of everything but they aren’t especially great at anything in particular. only now i’m magic.

super dorky junk

and then i just drew a bunch of my troll self??? idk i found my file with the few details i wrote out and i have too many teeth for my mouth and bit my cheeks and tongue a lot and there’s my irl moirail and my irl dark as shit eye bags and my… Read more »

WA Winters

I can’t say I blame him, I certainly didn’t want to go out in this weather. Yard was all kinds of flooded.

The Saga of Dogloki

It started simply: with the realization of who my dog’s weird cowlick reminded me of. but then I got really amused by the idea of a tiny pissy little dog in all of Loki’s scenes? Reeeeeally amused. come on this stuff is gold   it’s even funny in the other direction (based on this photo… Read more »


Hourlies 2012

mix and match 24 times in a row and you have my hourly comics for not only this day, but all week and basically all winter!! yeah i do seasonal comics top that suckers B)