CUTE!!! so many cute outfits. wow.


just trying to figure out how to draw him

An Aradia

sometimes i have nothing to say under the stuff i post this is one of those times

Porrim Maryams

(incoming copypasted tumblr description:) some porrims, cause I’m trying to decide if I want all my ancestors to share a body type with their descendants or switch it up… so here’s Kanaya-type Porrim and bottom heavy Aradia-type Porrim. Also for some reason my most established headcanons are always about fuckin shoes and I really like… Read more »

this is how terezi ships work right

Anonymous asked you: Draw a little EriTer? :3 2012-08-07 18:13 YOU T4ST3 L1K3 D3L1C1OUS GR4P3 J3LLY!


Tumblr request hey do you think you could draw snape, dave, and dirk fistbumping look i don’t try to explain the suggestions i get, i just laugh and draw ‘em