Rose Ink

Something I forgot to save out a while ago…


things i like doing: toothy grins sketches wild perspective things i don’t like doing: finishing pictures

Human Carapaces

Some more humanized dudes out of nostalgia.

oldbie homestucks

Some doodles from a tumblr conversation about Ye Olde Homestuck Fandom Dayes. Back when we didn’t know what was in that box Jack had, when I drew more Midnight Crew (barely), and waaaay back when I was really scared of the imps’ eyes (before we saw them.) i’m ancient in homestuck years it was simpler… Read more »

freakin pants

sollux is too short for his pants, that’s why they always have such big cuffs on ‘em

Ship Day: Sollux/Karkat

my favorite TA/CG is where they have kissed previously but were really shitty at every quadrant ever so now they don’t really do that so much and are just hatefriends but really awkward ones (i think i am not so good at this shipping thing)