Tag: Myst III: Exile

exile adventures: edanna

that plant that tries to eat the bird really speaks to him on a spiritual level

exile adventures: j’nanin

don’t pick on your little brother that’s rude achenar this is not well referenced. i don’t remember where the blue post is let’s hope it’s on a little hills with some steps- seemed a safe enough bet

exile adventures: amateria

hahaha that is an actual quote from my brother, i totally messed up the numbers on that puzzle for him whoops what the fuck is happening on the coloring on this. i have no idea i went into a photoshop coma and when i woke up this is what i had. some puzzles are probably… Read more »

teenage douchebag designs

I was like “hey I should lock down a design for these jackasses” so I drew this and then I didn’t really stick to it very well whoops :V Some other design options, maybe some extra clothes they packed idek. I felt the pressure to do something more interesting and then ended up mostly going… Read more »

now we have to walk back

Even though the franchise is known more for its solitude, I feel weird playing Myst games alone because they’ve always been something I did with my brother. We ran through Exile in the last few weeks, and I noticed it was kind of interesting that the Ages in that one were specifically designed with two… Read more »