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Atrus doodle

i’ve drawn so much of his asshole sons, so little of my actual favorite

myst fam

for the 20th anniversary… trying to get all their faces??? and try to balance multiple actors and cartoonifying idk it’s a fun challenge.

Ship Day: Anna/Aitrus

omfg aitrus/anna are you people tryING TO KILL ME i haven’t read book of ti’ana in like at least ten years, so if this is inaccurate forgive me, this i the best i could do from skimming to the first description i could find, my poor memory, and that one picture of aitrus from riven… Read more »

exile adventures: edanna

that plant that tries to eat the bird really speaks to him on a spiritual level

exile adventures: j’nanin

don’t pick on your little brother that’s rude achenar this is not well referenced. i don’t remember where the blue post is let’s hope it’s on a little hills with some steps- seemed a safe enough bet

exile adventures: amateria

hahaha that is an actual quote from my brother, i totally messed up the numbers on that puzzle for him whoops what the fuck is happening on the coloring on this. i have no idea i went into a photoshop coma and when i woke up this is what i had. some puzzles are probably… Read more »

teenage douchebag designs

I was like “hey I should lock down a design for these jackasses” so I drew this and then I didn’t really stick to it very well whoops :V Some other design options, maybe some extra clothes they packed idek. I felt the pressure to do something more interesting and then ended up mostly going… Read more »