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Ship Day: Nepeta/Karkat

“Ohhh, Nepeta, that mouse you left on my bed swayed my heart. I love you! I’ve always loved you! Your abs are just so firm?? Wow let’s fill pails” nepeta probably wouldn’t draw like a romance cover but I couldn’t resist ~*delicate karkat in ripped shirt and Strong Female Character pose*~

Troll Faces

Lots and lots of faces. Pointy ears sort of come and go, but I was feelin em here so I went with it. Also I finally found a seadweller fin design I like!! Yes!!!! I went into doing redesigns with the knowledge of ectobiology in my head. I knew the trolls would all be immediately… Read more »

Style Swaps

Aradia by way of Atlantis Dave as a Muppet Nepeta and Equius! Equius and Nepeta! Mighty and powerful El Dorado references. Feferi is a pretty obvious Little Mermaid John Egbert in: the Venture Brothers. Karkat would look perfect in Treasure Planet style if I thought I could get away with a bigger nose. I would… Read more »