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Karkat Meets Pounce

You know how cats always love whoever is super allergic or hates them? of course nepeta and pounce love him

Babby Nepeta

Livestream request!

Mrs. Peacock Was A Man?!

or i guess mrs. white is, here, but saying that’d make the reference less obvious FUN FACTS! They’re lined up in this image based on the play order from the board game! Aradia’s outfit is based on a Halloween costume I wore to be Miss Scarlett once! (I had the wrench, though) Karkat as Mrs…. Read more »

Gamzee: Fondly Regard Rainbows

[swfobj src=”http://myluckyseven.net/assets/doublerainbow_flashver.swf” width=”853px” height=”480px” align=”center”] Fan-animation for http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ Original Double Rainbow Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX0D4oZwCsA Download this video for iPod: http://www.mediafire.com/?018p3u5rlntlvuj FAQ – Where’s Equius/Feferi/Eridan? Equius I just didn’t have space for, he was the newest troll. The latter two weren’t even introduced when this was made. – Why aren’t his tears colored? The update where we… Read more »

troll ladies

Some girls! that nepeta might be the cutest thing I’ve ever drawn.


livestream request: AC nomming a cookie