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what if saïx’s scar is self-inflicted?? like some kind of fucked up loyalty-proving thing, marking himself with the recusant’s sigil… at first I thought maybe to get a spot in the xehanorted club, but that was quickly disproven in a reblog- 358/2 Days has a lot of evidence that he didn’t know what was going… Read more »

old friends

i did a lot of doodling while getting synthesis stuff

what’s your problem

why are you all pissy i hope this looks right because my reference folder is on my home computer

KH3D Doodles (Mild Spoilers)

here’s some stuff I drew for my personal blog as I played through the last Kingdom Hearts game! my favorite douchebag…. he’s just such a funny dick pictured: my hands after trying and failing horrifically to beat Riku’s endgame hahahaha oh god. copypasted from tumblr: mawiles: wraithlike: attention: tumblr user mawiles has solved kingdom hearts…. Read more »

very serious speeches

some old kingdom hearts doodles. i like to imagine saïx is p much the only one who can take xemnas seriously on a regular basis

aw, poppet

wwhat a dick it took like, all of my effort and conscious knowledge that the joke worked better in the pose it’s in because i was horrifically tempted to give pteranodad a skybax harness like in the dinotopia books i’m sorry everything in this site is coated in like 5 layers of references i can’t… Read more »


Xigbar definitely made god tier first though and proceeded to annoy the everloving fuck out of everyone especially when making overwrought speeches (i don’t know what his title is probably like…. marksman of space… or…. something better than that)