Tag: Organization XIII

Sideburns of Breath

now that i think about it, with the lances and crap he’d have a tenuous chance to be the Page of Breath, too i don’t even know why xaldin as tavros is so funny but it is killing me

Thief of Time

get it like the book hahahahaha god i’m a nerd

Prince of the Moon

in the end, everybody agreed Saïx was waaayyy too into the Derse sidequests

Bard of Drips

okay so like a zillion years ago harry drew some troll Org XIII and I fucking love the Org being terrible at everything they do and having Shenanigans so i drew two pages of fanart in my sketchbook like a horrid weenie and then a jillion years later i scanned it played brush roulette on… Read more »

Axel Sittin

he’s just chillin

Go fish!

Roxas losing at cards.

KH Sketches

Sora is really good at provisions for long voyages.