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well fashion’s a stranger

coloring fun bc i needed to color stuff. his fashion sense is basically a veeeery thin line between lookin good and complete tool. it doesnt fully come across here but just for your knowledge. now you know   (his personality is full on tool)

shrugs rly hard

i’ve been drawing more than i’ve been posting… scanning + cleaning is a pain… but i whipped this up in ps tonight to mess w my custom panel an zone out hard, so here u are

all the problems

im going to go over… there… now….

more problems

i told you there was more

i have a problem

i’ve been really bored lately. it was inevitable. (there’s so much more than this oh god send help)


i put my real name on this i guess cause it’s original and i like it ok??? shruuug

i dunno

coming up with titles and captions for all this phobos shit is impossible i freakin swear