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self-indulgent crap

aw geez, this has been sitting in my drafts for months upon months upon months… a compilation of sketches. this is the stuff i draw to just straight up please my brain. pages of dumb faces and demons and junk.

i got nothin

just… just take this off my hands, take it away.

some brothers

how the heck do you title things. i don’t even know. anyways. thre some color at a sketch and now we’re here.

demon time

some stuff I neglected to post here :V Phobos and Deimos, cause sometimes you just wanna drawy douchey demon twin-clone-things.

Phobos – class doodles

Various stuff of my notes while watching Animation Mentor lectures or waiting for Q&A to start…

OC sketches

the ones on the left are married, the ones on the right are brothers, some of them might be werewolves