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Rose Ink

Something I forgot to save out a while ago…

Ship Day: Eridan/Rose

This could probably be paler but let’s be honest i just do whatever makes me laugh Rose is gonna write SUCH an analysis on you baby. Gonna get all up in your problems. Aw yeah.

Ship Day: Dave/Rose

Derse kids! I haven’t really decided what hair color I like best for Rose.

Ship Day: John/Rose

John may be the the best there is when it comes to pranking, but that does not mean one cannot at least attempt REVENGE!! Miss Lalonde will enjoy the prankster’s gambit on this exchange! Ship Day is when I take a bunch of relationship requests and draw as many as I can before I get… Read more »

Derse Kid Doodles

I forgot how good it is to just fill a page with silly faces here’s the long-missing fix-up designs for the Derse kids. I think the body types on Roxy & Dirk could use some work but I think I’m getting there with all their faces? I finally made Rose look right. Drawing Dave without… Read more »


Still not sure how much I like how this came out, maybe I’ll revisit the concept later?


It’s probably because they haven’t talked much, but I feel like this is the rarest kid pairing? So, TT/GG stuff.