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right 0n the lisp

Something that never got uploaded somehow! not sure how that happened this is my favorite ship


More like in tentacles now huh! Ha ha ha ha his life is really friggin sad and this was made way before the ancestor updates this is still my favorite Eddie Izzard joke though and i am sticking by it

Highblood Sollux

Fanart for Sockpuppy’s bloodswap adventure!

Style Swaps

Aradia by way of Atlantis Dave as a Muppet Nepeta and Equius! Equius and Nepeta! Mighty and powerful El Dorado references. Feferi is a pretty obvious Little Mermaid John Egbert in: the Venture Brothers. Karkat would look perfect in Treasure Planet style if I thought I could get away with a bigger nose. I would… Read more »

Sollux’s Goggles

Him wearing her goggles is so cute…