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sollux as tigger?

i just do what tumblr tells me, man, i don’t even hope to explain it


Tumblr wants Sollux fanservice, Tumblr gets Sollux fanservice

zillywho’s there

A speculative comic made after the Warhammer of Zillyhoo update. :(

Moviie Niight

I don’t actually have any memory of drawing this. I have begun producing TA/CG stuff subconsciously. 8|


Click through for a bigger version! The red blood spatters are supposed to be from the big chess monsters, not Aradia or something. The brown is definitely Tavros blood, though…

Mrs. Peacock Was A Man?!

or i guess mrs. white is, here, but saying that’d make the reference less obvious FUN FACTS! They’re lined up in this image based on the play order from the board game! Aradia’s outfit is based on a Halloween costume I wore to be Miss Scarlett once! (I had the wrench, though) Karkat as Mrs…. Read more »