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oldbie homestucks

Some doodles from a tumblr conversation about Ye Olde Homestuck Fandom Dayes. Back when we didn’t know what was in that box Jack had, when I drew more Midnight Crew (barely), and waaaay back when I was really scared of the imps’ eyes (before we saw them.) i’m ancient in homestuck years it was simpler… Read more »

Spades Slick

Something I did in order to test my screen recording software. Here’s the video:

The Midnight Crew?

human midnight crew stuff. Clickthrough for the full size (not much bigger, but hey.)


An old request! Based on a fanfic based on a song based on a webcomic. :B Also inspired a lot by District 9. The synopsis of the idea, from the requester: “That was the basic gist though: “Darkened”, based on the now-removed song of the same name from Volume 5; in which Karkat decides he’s… Read more »


Some old design doodling

Carapace People

Old doodle of humanised carapaces

Midnight Crew

babby’s first homestuck fanart…