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this is how terezi ships work right

Anonymous asked you: Draw a little EriTer? :3 2012-08-07 18:13 YOU T4ST3 L1K3 D3L1C1OUS GR4P3 J3LLY!

Homestuck Doodles 2

Karkat ink thing Unfinished Jack ink thing On a page of shipping stuff hahaha. “You fucken kids and yer makeouts.” I guess CD was hoping for a lil sugar. Karkat and Terezi’s hands More old shippy stuff I never scanned for who knows why. Also, Tavros! Human Droog all beat up

Homestuck Doodles 1

A bunch of stuff from scanned scraps.


things i like doing: toothy grins sketches wild perspective things i don’t like doing: finishing pictures

Ship Day: Terezi/John

doing rarepairs is so much fun. :D these guys would basically be constant laughter. they will drive everyone mad.