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hot and heavy loki on hawkeye action

hot because of warm dogbreath and heavy because all 12 pounds of loki are on the one shoulder there thats kind of uncomfortable (this one really is all my fault i still think dogloki is really funny)

Rockem Sockem Avengers

a thing i drew while i was with ashley and she was telling me what to draw so this is her doing, really

Ship Day: Bruce/Tony

ship day request for Tony‚ô¶Bruce! WHAT A CUTE DYNAMIIIIC aaahhh!! aaaahhh. what a good request.

Avengers Shipping (Mild Spoilers)

I smushed all of these doodles into one post, most of em aren’t good enough for their own I don’t think. Anyways. tony and bruce should hug and talk science a lot and relate too much please and thank you. IT WAS VERY ALARMING!!! SHUT UP!!! since this was fresh in my mind while texting… Read more »

The Saga of Dogloki

It started simply: with the realization of who my dog’s weird cowlick reminded me of. but then I got really amused by the idea of a tiny pissy little dog in all of Loki’s scenes? Reeeeeally amused. come on this stuff is gold   it’s even funny in the other direction (based on this photo… Read more »