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Xigbar definitely made god tier first though and proceeded to annoy the everloving fuck out of everyone especially when making overwrought speeches (i don’t know what his title is probably like…. marksman of space… or…. something better than that)

Prince of the Moon

in the end, everybody agreed Saïx was waaayyy too into the Derse sidequests

xehanort, dude

we have gotta get you outta that lab.

Braig Doodles

braig what are you doing here, you are not a homestuck

Braig what were you expecting

Have I mentioned I love Braig? Because I love Braig. Top picture is him shortly after signing up with the Guard (OFF TO A GOOD START), and then all ~battle-damaged~. what did happen to your mom, even? do they have parents…? i guess they must, ienzo is the only one mentioned to be an orphan